Elliot Zimet

Elliot Zimet

When Zimet’s not busy amazing the stars of the entertainment universe, you can find him touring internationally with his electrifying live show, The Levitation Tourwhich features world-class illusions, exotic birds and mentalism all blended together with today’s hottest music and his own edgy yet approachable personality.

Elliot has consulted for Fox TV’s hit show Gotham as well as Romeo & Juliet on Broadway. So prepare yourself to step into the world of magic that is Elliot Zimet.




Master Illusionist Elliot Zimet’s solo show combines the hottest contemporary music with Elliot’ premiere interactive illusions as seen on television and in the international tour of The Illusionists 2.0-Direct from Broadway. From Floating Objects, Mentalism, Incredible Manipulations and Transformations of the Dazzling Doves he produces out of thin air to Elliot’s edgy yet approachable personality and audience interaction and participation, the Solo Show brings the excitement of live magic to the stage and audiences to their feet. Experience $100 bills appearing out of nowhere! See Elliot predict winning lottery numbers and explode objects with the power of the mind! Be amazed as he commands the elements by suspending water in mid-air! The Solo Show is all this…and more!!


Master Illusionist Elliot Zimet’s The Illusion Show brings all the elements of his exciting solo performances with the added production values of his large-scale illusions. See Elliot disappear from the stage and, in the blink of an eye, reappear in the audience! Watch as Elliot produces a stunning dancer out of thin air! Marvel as she reaches out and passes through Elliot’s body while he is encased in a chamber from which there is no escape. Thrill as shards from a broken mirror are thrust into the same box in which a beautiful young woman is confined, only to see her emerge moments later to gasps of relief and wild applause! The Illusion Show is an evening of mystery and magic that leaves audiences breathless and shouting for more!!


Master Illusionist Elliot Zimet’s The Levitation Tour includes the dazzling doves of The Solo Show, and adds the amazing Havana, his rare exotic macaw. Havana kicks off an evening of magic that brings all the excitement and production value of The Illusion Show” and adds his climactic illusion, “Levitation.” Along with two stunning dancers The Levitation Tour allows Elliot to include close-up illusions not included in The Solo Show, giving audiences an up-close and personal view of Elliot’s world of mystery and magic. From Havana’s first appearance to the dazzling climax of the evening, in which Elliot suspends a beautiful woman in mid-air in an extended sequence guaranteed to stun audiences everywhere, The Levitation Tour is a production that lifts magic to a new pinnacle and is, quite simply, the best of Elliot Zimet!!