I Dream

I Dream


I Dream is a Rhythm and Blues Musical framed around the last thirty-six hours of the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during which he travels to Memphis. In this musical, the preacher relives his life’s journey with a focus on his most poignant and lasting experiences, offering the audience more than a mere glimpse of the hero’s humanity.  

I Dream is a story honoring the indomitable spirit of the many men, women and children of differing class, color and creed who chose to stand for equality; and the many who fell along that long road to freedom.

I DREAM is much more than just the story of a great Civil Rights leader and global icon. It poetically and imaginatively captures and explores a number of universal themes that will resonate with audiences everywhere, at a very personal level.

This unique retelling of an otherwise familiar story triumphs by inspiring audiences and leaving them with a glow of unity, redemption and enduring hope for a better future.

I Dream is moving to broadway in the spring of 2019.

**Full Technical Rider Coming Soon**

Technical Needs:
5 (five) wireless handheld microphones on stands- evenly spaced. (a minimum of Shure Beta87 or equivalent)
3 (three) stage monitors evenly spaced
1 (one) 1/8” audio input for laptop/ipad/iphone to play the 25 min MP3
1 (one) HDMI connection for Powerpoint/Apple Keynote presentation

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